Each row contains a Test ID (TID) and a reported 'Value' for a Substance (SID) that has been tested and recorded in a PubChem BioAssay record (AID and MID). These TIDs and their 'Values' are joined in this table with additional meta-data about the bioassay, including: the experimental 'Outcome', TID info, Target info, and Chemical Info. There are over 150 meta-data fields but most fields are only viewable by using the ScrubChem API to download data in bulk. There is a button to Filter Records by 'Justifications' which is a powerful ScrubChem feature to highlight TIDs that contain 'Values' or measurements used to best justify a reported 'Outcome'. Hover over the (i) icon in the button to learn more about 'Justifications' and special cases of 'Unjustifications'. Read the About Section for more information and How to Aggregate Data for building hit-calls and datasets with these Records.